An Unconcerned Moose Snacks Away  

           The Scenic Route ...

   Many of us have been coming up here to Algonquin for years & years, some even for decades. Long before the modern sexy high-powered gas guzzling SUV's (Sport Utility Vehicles) there was Dad's slightly rusting faux woodgrain panelled station wagon, loaded to the brim, as much camping equipment precariously tied to the overloaded car's roof, as was stowed away semi-safely inside ...

   Many have yet to load up the mini-van with 'kit and caboodle' . This extensive web site is perhaps designed with those in mind who might be considered "newbies" , or are basically cosy-campground dwellers.

   Our favorite campground can begin to feel like home of course, as we return year after year. Algonquin's campgrounds are for the most part first class. Inexpensive and very clean, with a friendly and helpful staff. Well trained personnel who's job it is too make sure that your stay is a pleasant one.

Within The Campground

  This Picnic Table Ant Caught My Eye One Very Quiet Afternoon  

   It's certainly not required that one venture off in order to observe unique and interesting sites in Algonquin. Day skies brimming with incredible clouds and night skies overflowing with stars and planets perhaps previously gone unnoticed can easily be enough to fix oneself on the absolute beauty of Algonquin Park. Simply being in the same quiet space with friends and loved ones is enough to keep you coming back summer after glorious summer ...

   Not everyone has a desire to travel via canoe deep into the park for an overnight stay. Many do of course. Not just overnight but for days and weeks on end.  ('Trippers')  It's a way of life for many people from all over the world who come here to experience true wilderness in it's raw and ancient form. Algonquin is an important site for research also, with four Research Facilities inside the Park's boundaries, such as The Algonquin Wildlife Research Station

   Some areas actually do continue to be logged. Mostly however, Algonquin is a special place where wildlife and plants are free to interact as naturally as is possible, and, "safe as houses", we are free to explore the incredibly vast waterways as easily as Native Canadians did, or perhaps many-many centuries later, as the early French and English settlers would bravely attempt ...

   The woods just beyond the campground's perimeter can be a dark and scary place to some campers. It truly is easy to forget that our campsites are actually surrounded by wilderness. Hot showers, sandy beaches and efficient laundry facilities tend to make one forget about the intricate designs of Mother Nature, just beyond those scented pine trees a few hundred meters away ...


Prof. Ronald Brooks VIDEO

Beyond The Campground

   Just beyond the campground are many incredible, well traveled foot trails located all along highway #60. Park your car and slap on a little mosquito repellent, fill your water bottle, take a nice snack or two, grab the provided trail guide and head out. Be prepared to learn some interesting facts about this new environment you are submerged in. Your trail booklet will open your eyes to new and unique facts and notions. You emerge from your hike slightly enlightened, and probably hungry ... so head for home for 'beaners and weins' , cheeseburgers or stop at the 'Lake of Two Rivers Store' for a cold fruit juice and a tasty Ice Cream Cone !

Grab Your Camera !

   While we are Hiking or  Biking  along Algonquin's many trails we may very well come face-to-face with all sorts of wildlife that are much too timid for the average active campground pace . Make sure you take your camera because you never know what you might see along the way . Moose... deer... beavers and otters... birds and beautiful plants of all kinds... maybe even a bear !

   Algonquin is yours to explore .   Attempt to be still ... attempt to be silent ... and then please do be amazed at the quantity of interaction that surrounds you, this unique diversity of nature that can easily go unnoticed ...

So Saddle Up ! and it's currently six web pages is a humble personal suggestion, perhaps portraying what one may very well cautiously encounter just beyond the serenity of their campground on any, semi-typical, Algonquin Park day.


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